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Our 8-Week Real Estate Virtual Assistant Course,
Taught by a Successful Real Estate Investor,
Will Train You to Reduce the Overhead of
Real Estate Investors and Agents
While You to Work from Home!

Real estate investing always has been and always will be popular and profitable, so both investors and agents are learning to employ Real Estate Virtual Assistants to manage the details of their business.

Yet finding trained VAs is often a hard task because the concept is fairly new in that field and there's not that much training available.

So I've asked one of my Best Real Estate Investor Friends, Alan Brymer, to teach a class to meet the specific needs of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Meet Alan Brymer

Alan Brymer
Alan Brymer

Alan Brymer has been a full-time real estate investor since he was 22. By creating a structured, organized approach to his business, he has raised millions of dollars in private funding and has become an expert in creative real estate transactions.

He is a frequent guest expert on television, in magazines, and speaks nationwide. He is also Founder and President of the Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association.

Over the years, Alan has hired and worked exclusively with virtual assistants to help him find, negotiate, and manage real estate deals. He developed systems for his own real estate business, which has allowed him to complete more transactions in less time with the help of his assistants.

Realizing that he could accomplish so much more with a team, he created a series of systems to make investing in real estate a snap. Today, virtual assistants can implement the world's first planned business system to find successful investor clients to work for and get paid while learning the ropes of real estate.

There is a Serious Need for Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Now that business on the Internet no longer depends on geographic location, there is a serious need for people who are trustworthy, skilled, and detail-oriented to serve small businesses as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, commonly known as "VAs."

A Virtual Assistant is a person who manages many of the details of a small business, much like an office manager does, only he or she does it all virtually from a remote location.

There are 5 basic types of Virtual Assistants:

  1.   Administrative
  2.   Real Estate Support
  3.   Bookkeeping
  4.   Technical
  5.   Promotional/Marketing

The cool thing about being a Real Estate VA is that you are getting paid to learn the details of real estate investing.

Over 70% of the financially free in America got where they are from investing in real estate. It always has been a source of huge financial gain and it always will be. Even in times of recession and depression, those who understand how real estate works can profit.

So what better opportunity to learn more about investing in real estate while getting paid to do it than by taking a Real Estate VA class from an experienced and successful investor!

The duties aren't hard; they just require a responsible person to make sure everything gets done on time.

Some people are starters; some people are finishers. It takes both to create a successful online business.

Investors are often starters who love finding deals. But when it comes to finalizing the paperwork, they do much better when an assistant -- a Real Estate VA -- can manage and finish the process by putting all the pieces together. It's called Teamwork and that's what makes a business successful.

I've asked Alan to teach this class to provide basic training for real estate VAs so anyone who likes to organize things can have their own home business!

And the perfect thing about a business like this is that part time VAs can schedule their work around other commitments to family, education, church and community responsibilities!

What a VA Doesn't Do

A VA does not:

  • Provide Consulting
  • Provide Bookkeeping
  • Book speaking engagements
  • Provide Tax Advice
  • Serve as an accountant
  • Transcribe
  • Provide Web Master Services
  • Provide Business Coaching

I'm Ready to Become a Real Estate VA!

Since There Aren't Many Trained Real Estate VAs Around,
Alan Brymer Will Train You!

Alan Brymer recently hosted an 8-week class via Webinars and conference calls to train Real Estate Virtual Assistants for us.

He spent 8 weeks teaching the class all the practical aspects of real estate that you need to know to assist investors and agents with their daily needs.

Each class lasted at least 1 hour and we recorded the whole thing.

Now you can have instant access to all 8 classes when you register for our Real Estate Virtual Assistant class.

Who Should Take This Class?

Perfect candidates for this class are:

  • Organizers
  • Managers
  • Project Finishers
  • Detail people
  • Anyone who never knows where to start

I'm Ready to Work from Home!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to find investor clients who are ready to pay you $10-25/hour
  • How to present yourself as the perfect assistant by knowing what investors want
  • How to get more accomplished in less time
  • Whether to work for one or more investors
  • Investing ideas to give your clients so they will realize your value
  • Transaction paperwork and how to simplify filing
  • How to help find and purchase foreclosures
  • Property Management in a Box
  • How to handle home renovations for your clients
  • How to help your clients sell houses fast in any market
  • How to document your hours and make sure you're fully paid
  • What and how to charge
  • How to ace the application interview
  • How to make your investor clients' jobs so easy they'll sell their car before letting you go
  • How to use handy forms to make work go smoothly
  • A complete overview of real estate investing in a nutshell
  • How to use software to amaze your clients

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What You'll Need to Take the Class

  • High speed Internet access
  • A computer with Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP operating system
  • A phone line separate from Internet access
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A home office area
  • Good typing skills
  • Excellent grammar skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A good attitude

If you don't have Word or Excel, please purchase them before the class begins.

I Have All That. Let's Get Started!

So How Much Does This Class Cost?

A class like this can change your life. In fact, depending on your skill level and aptitude, you may be able to recover the investment in this class in a month or two after you start working.

We're basically offering you a way to have your own home business while learning to invest in real estate at the same time!

Online training for courses like this can cost from $2,695 - $8,995 if you can find one.

But because we want to make this opportunity available to anyone who wants to work from home, we are offering it for a limited time only at a great price!

But wait! There's more!

No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be satisfied with our 8-Week Real Estate Virtual Assistant Course, and I know you will be, so...

Register Today

If after taking the class, you don't feel that you learned enough to become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, we will gladly refund your full enrollment fee.

Simply email us and verify that you watched every single session Alan taught. We will refund your registration, take your off our mailing list and you will never hear from us again.

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You Can Split the Payments in Half And

If two people in your family would like to take the training, just register for one. You don't have to pay for both. All our classes are for families.

Please use this respectfully only with immediate family members.

I Want My Seat NOW!

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If you are looking for a way to supplement your income from home and want to do something significant that will make a difference in your life and your client's life, consider becoming a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

You'll be surprised how the flexibility and the added income will enhance your life!

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