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"Get Paid to Help Business Owners
As a Virtual Assistant
Doing What You Love
From Home
When You Take Our Virtual Training!"

Attention administrators!

Now that business on the Internet no longer depends on geographic location, there is a serious need for people who are loyal, skilled, and trustworthy to serve small businesses as Administrative Virtual Assistants, commonly known as "VAs."

A Virtual Assistant is a person who manages many of the details of a small business, much like an office manager does, only they do it all virtually from a remote location.

online assistant training
Rhea Perry
Educating For Success, Inc.


There are 5 basic types:

  1. Administrative Support
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Non-profit
  4. Real Estate
  5. Technical

Once I identified the need, I didn't know where to look for someone to hire. So I decided to train one myself.

Listen to What My Former VA Says about
Being a Virtual Assistant

"I've been organizing other people's lives most of my life. My mom went back to work full-time when I was 12. Being the oldest child, I felt it was my responsibility to keep my three siblings on track. I made sure they did their homework, had a snack after school, and came home from their friends' house on time. I even tried to keep my brothers from harassing my sister. "I was glad to help my mom by making sure our house ran smoothly while she was away at work.

Now, I keep my own home organized and enjoy helping organize my clients' businesses.

Denise Lindvall Virtual Assistant

"Being a Virtual Assistant is like being the hub in the center of a wheel. I continually support all the spokes (projects) so the whole wheel rolls evenly down the road. "My clients have so many wonderful business ideas. They use my expertise to make sure they happen by giving me the 'big picture,' then I work out all the details.

"I stay in communication with all the people involved in my clients' projects to make sure they have the tools and information they need to meet our deadlines.

"There are always bumps in the road of business, but when you have a good system of doing things, the wheel rolls smoothly and efficiently. My job is to make sure everyone around me has a positive, enjoyable ride.

"The best part is that I get to do this all from home! When my kids need my help, it's no problem. I can attend to their needs and then get back to my work later.

"If you are a detail-oriented person who enjoys seeing a project through to the end, being a Virtual Assistant is perfect for you."

Denise Lindvall
Waterford, California

Now several of my Internet friends would like to find someone like her to serve in their businesses. And I just happen to know a whole bunch of moms and teenagers who would make great VAs for business owners so we have decided to offer training!

So we are offering this virtual class to provide you with basic training to become an administrative VA. The course provides basic training for administrative VAs so anyone who likes organizing tasks ad peopl can have their own home business!

My virtual assistant provides Administrative Support by setting up our conference calls and webinars, taking notes during virtual meetings, scheduling appointments, managing my email, overseeing my projects, providing customer support, submitting press releases, uploading posts to my blog, and making sure everything on my calendar gets finished.

She doesn't do bookkeeping or marketing. Essentially she is a manager that helps us finish tasks. And the perfect thing about a business like this is that she can schedule her work around her other commitments to family, homeschooling, church and community responsibilities!

What an Administrative VA Doesn't Do

  • Provide Consulting
  • Market
  • Find speaking engagements
  • Provide Tax Advice
  • Serve as an accountant
  • Transcribe
  • Provide Business Coaching

When Opportunity Arises, Jump On It

This Is Opportunity! See It?

My Internet marketing friends are asking for Virtual Assistants and there aren't that many around to meet the need. The duties aren't hard, they just require a responsible person to make sure everything gets done on time.

Some people are starters; some people are finishers. It takes both to create a successful online business. VAs are typically finishers who love putting all the pieces together to manage and finalize projects.

This is the job for me!

Since There Is Such a Huge Demand For
VAs With Internet Knowledge and Experience,
We Want to Train You!

We're offering an 8-session course for your family to engage in and have access to so they can learn from it forever.
We'll spend 8 weeks teaching the practical aspects of business that you need to know to assist small businesses with their daily needs.

Each class is at least 1 hour. As soon as you register, you'll be added to a Google Group where you can communicate with other students during the duration of the course. Each session will be recorded and all the members of your immediate family will have acess to them forever.

I've got to take this course.

Who Should Take This Course?

Perfect candidates for this class are:

  • Organizers
  • Managers
  • Project Finishers
  • Detail people
  • Secretaries
  • Typists
  • Anyone who never knows where to start

This sounds like me!

Here's the Course Schedule and What We Will Cover:

  • Class #1 Scheduling Projects and Appointments with Software and Online Tools

  • Class #2 Managing Email, Google Groups, Instant Messaging

  • Class #3 Setting up Webinars and Conference Calls, Using Project Management Tools

  • Class #4 How to Submit Priceless Releases and Articles, Managing Mass eMail, Web-based Messaging Systems

  • Class #5 Managing Basic Social Media

  • Class #6 Sending Greeting Cards and Gifts, Managing Databases, Creating Surveys

  • Class #7 Management of WordPress Blogs and WishList Membership Sites

  • Class #8 Outsourcing, Tracking Your Time, Finding Clients, Billing Clients, Helpful Programs

Bonus #1: How to Make the Best Use of a Virtual Assistant: A Short Training Program for Entrepreneurs Considering Hiring a VA ($97 Value)

Entrepreneurs have such a hard time letting go of details. But once they understand how having a VA will benefit their business, they will kick themselves for waiting so long to make the decision.

When they transition from loner to working with a small team, there are several changes they must make.

During this call, we'll help them understand how they can benefit from working with a Virtual Assistant. By knowing the information we will give them, you will have a better understanding of the challenges they face in delegating control of the details of their business.

This course will include:

  • Why a VA can help you get more done
  • What to delegate and when
  • How to know when your business is ready for a VA
  • How much to pay them and when
  • What can you train a VA to do or not do
  • How to find a VA you can trust
  • And more…

Bonus #2: 1 Month ld with My Team (Priceless)

Can you imagine spending month helping a VA like my assistant Kathy doing whatever she does every day? Imagine the real life lessons you will learn.

If you don't realize what an amazing opportunity that is, this may not be the right course for you.

Once the class is over, we'll begin your first month when you are ready. Just let us know.

During this time you will not be paid for your service. But, you will gain valuable experience that will serve you well forever.

Bonus #3: 1 Month Apprenticeship with One of Our Internet Marketing Clients (Priceless)

This really is an amazing bonus. In the past, we have placed our VA students with some of my Best Friends who run very successful Internet businesses, usually ALL BY THEMSELVES.

Many of them are part of the elite group of folks who are known as "the Internet Millionaires."

Imagine helping a very successful marketer in his or her business for even one DAY. Well, we will give you the opportunity to work with one of my Best Friends for an entire month!

Many of our students have been hired by these clients but we are not claiming that you will be.

During this month, you will not be paid. But what you will learn will be priceless. So consider this opportunity a gem in the world of business. You won't find it just anywhere.

Bonus #4: One Year Membership in our Virtual Assistant Community. (Value - $180)

Members of our online community communicate with each other every day to help solve each other's problems and provide helpful tips in our closed Facebook Group.

Members are also eligible for jobs that come from our joint venture partners.

Many Virtual Assistants don't want to go out and find clients. Even though they operate as independent contractors and not employees, many just want to work and get paid.

By becoming a member of our VAC Pool, VAs will get experience and will be able to work whenever they want to with limited commitment.

The VA Pool is managed by my assistant Kathy and her team who tries to match VAs with suitable clients based on skills, personality and client need.

There is no guarantee that any student will be hired permanently for this VAC Pool but it is an opportunity available for students who pass the VAC Certification Course to apply for.

Members also get discounts to other courses offered by the Virtual Assistant Community.

And members get discounts to courses and events hosted by

Bonus #5: Lifetime Alumni Status Value: Priceless

As a student in good standing, you'll have the ability to retake our Basic Admin VA course every year when we offer it, absolutely free.

That way, you'll always get training for the most cutting-edge techniques and tools in the world of Virtual Assistance.

Bonus #6: VAC Member Certification Seal -- Value: Credibility

Upon completion of the second month of apprenticeship, we will provide you with the official VAC Member Certification Seal.

You'll be able to display this on your website and blog. You'll also be able to use it to advertise your Virtual Assistant services. You will immediately be able to indicate to potential clients that you are qualified to work as a Certified Virtual Assistant.

The only VAs who will be able to display this seal are those who have successfully completed our VAC Certification Course.

Bonus #7: FREE Admission to Our First Community Retreat -- Value: $197

In 2015, we will host our first ever annual community retreat for the members of our online community at We want to promote your services as a VA so with this training, you also get free admission for your immediate family to attend this brand new live event.

Watch for the announcement coming soon!

Bonus #8: Associate Member Discounts at

Our main online community is at where we offer training programs, conferences and frequent contests.

As a member of the Virtual Assistant Community, we'll give you an associate membership so you are eligible for all discounts.

Bonus #9: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For any reason you are not happy, we will refund your money

Bonus #10: We'll Finance it For You!

You create the financing program and we'll honor it. Just Just email me a proposal.

Listen to What Some of Our Former Students Have Said:

"I can honestly say that the VA class has opened up a whole new world for me. The computer skills you taught were very valuable, but even more than that, you taught me CONFIDENCE. I had accepted an identity about myself as someone who just was not 'computer literate,' and who did not have any skills to offer, outside of my family.

I was so convinced of this, that when my apprenticeship began, I almost asked to be removed from the program before I even really got started, just because I thought I could never learn everything that was necessary! However, with your help, and the support of the other members of the class (who are always there to help answer questions), I stuck it out, and I am so glad I did!

"I now have the confidence to tell my client, "Absolutely! No problem!" and really mean it! And not even to mention that I am now making a contribution to my family's finances, as well. But the real value of the VA class goes way beyond money. Thank you, Denise!"

Lianne Sanchez
Holiday, Florida

* * *

"I learned a lot in the VA Class. I found out that there are a lot of resources that help VAs. I signed up for one in August and in November my computer crashed completely -- no hope for resurrection. Because I had it, I was able to retrieve my information. It is a great blessing.

"Another thing that was great about the VA class was having the communication with other VA class members to help solve problems. Not having to find the solutions on my own was a huge help. You don't have to be alone in this process."

Molly Loup
Wilmot, South Dakota

* * *

"I am SO thankful I found Rhea Perry's program for VAs! I am now working for a client out of Canada, and expect another client to be added in the very near future.

"Never would I have imagined I'd be doing the things I'm doing! I get so excited when I can not only put into practice the things I've already learned through the VA course, but add to my knowledge base all the new things I continue to learn.

"I want to thank both Rhea and Denise for all their knowledge, help, tips, thoughts and instruction. Thanks for this great opportunity in my life!"

Connie Sheppard
West Milton, Ohio

* * *

"Denise, I can't say thank you enough for equipping me with the resources that you have to begin my home based VA business. I had searched for several years for someone that I could trust to train and support me through this process and I was so thankful when I found your group.

"As I began to share with others about my online training, I was approached with a job opportunity to work for a client - even before I had finished my last training session! The most important plus is the wonderful people that I have met and continue to work along side as support. Its just like an extended family!"

Gale Belk
Starkville, Mississippi

* * *

"Denise, Thank you for the great class! You have opened up a new door of opportunity and I am loving getting money in my PayPal account every week! The support of others in the class is invaluable and ongoing.

"I have a lot of jealous friends waiting for you to offer the class again."

Kathy Coons
Crossville, Tennessee

* * *

"Denise Lindvall is a great teacher. Her Virtual Assistant class was very well organized and interesting. I learned many skills that I can apply to my own businesses as well as help my client's with their businesses.

"I appreciate all the helpful tools that she introduced to the class plus she has set up a great support system so the class members can keep in touch with her as well as the other students. Thanks, Denise. Great job!"

Susan Mueller
Paris, Texas

* * *

Requirements to Take the Course

In order to take the class, you'll need a few things:
  • High speed Internet access
  • A computer with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Good typing skills
  • Excellent grammar skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability and willingness to listen to all the sessions
If you don't have Word or Excel and want to take the class, please purchase them before you begin.

So How Much Does This Course Cost?

A class like this can change your life. In fact, depending on your skill level and aptitude, you may be able to recover the investment in this class in a month or two after you start working.

We're basically offering you a way to have your own home business.

Online training for courses like this can cost from $2,695 - $8,995. But because we want to make this opportunity available to moms and girls who want to work from home, we are offering it for a limited time only at a great price!

Compare it to the cost of college because what you'll learn in just 8 weeks can give you the skills you need to start your own business without spending 4 years and tons of money!

I want this opportunity!

But Wait! There's More! Look at These Bonuses!


No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be satisfied
with our 8-Week Administrative Virtual Assistant Course, and I know you will be, so...

Register Today

And if after participating in all the classes and two months of apprenticeship, you are not thoroughly convinced that this course is worth your investment, just let me know at the end of the last class, and your refund request will be honored.
Simply email us and verify that you attended every training session. We will issue the refund, take you off our mailing list and you will never hear from us again.

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income from home and want to do something significant that will make a difference in your clients' lives, consider becoming a Virtual Assistant.

You'll be amazed at how the flexibility and the added income will enhance your life!

PRIORITY Registration Form

8-Week Administrative Virtual Assistant Course

YES! I Want to Take the
Virtual Assistant Course!

Register Here

  • I understand that, once my order is authorized, you will process my order promptly and I will receive information on how to access the live course and each of the 8 live sessions.
  • I understand that I will be learning how to use my administrative skills to work from home as an administrative assistant, and neither you nor anyone else has made any income promises as my income is dependent on my own efforts.

Your Purchase Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.

I Want to be a VA!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Blessings to you!

who loves empowering people to serve others, starting with themselves!

P.S. If you're an organizer, you're going to love this!

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