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The following resources are provided to assist members. Click to select the resource of your choice.

Using Google and Gmail Effectively
This tool allows you to place hyperlinked signatures into your Gmail. I wrote a blog post about it at If you just want to . . . keep reading
Inspirational Posts - Part Two
Plan your future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life! ~ Mark Twain If I were to ask you what your life will look like in a . . . keep reading
Microsoft Word, Excel, Database
Opening a 2007 Word document. Someone sent me an Excel spreadsheet today. I couldn't open it. Their computer had Word 2007 installed on it. Mine has Word 2003. So, I told them I could . . . keep reading
Miscellaneous Tips
Using PayPal's feature called "Mass Pay". Normally when you someone sends you money usin . . . keep reading
  I just heard about TokBox - a free video chat and video messaging service. You can Video insta . . . keep reading
Conference Calls
Setting Up A Conference Call   I set up a lot of conference calls for Rhea. Below you will find a sample ema . . . keep reading
As a VA, it's very important to remember to laugh every day.  When it seems that catastrophe is around the corner, laughter can change th . . . keep reading
Google Documents
Q.  How do you manage links within a Google spreadsheet? A.  Editing spreadsheets: . . . keep reading
Scheduling Appointments
I set up a lot of phone call appts for Rhea. One thing I learned from the book "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss was to ask for all the information . . . keep reading
Finding Clients and Two great ways to meet buyers and to check out the providers . . . keep reading
Social Sites
Here's an article about how a Facebook account can help business. I found this article while I was in my LinkedIn acct. . . . keep reading
Inspirational Posts
Last week I got a call from one of my clients. He said I had to do the webinar he had planned with his guest expert because someone smashed his car window and took his computer and cell phone. He was talking to the police and couldn't get on the webinar. . . . keep reading
Customer Relations
When you reply to one of your client's customers via email and he or she needs a link or an address to take action, make sure you include the information they need. . . . keep reading
To Contact Us
We're always interested in your comments, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to use the following to contact us. . . . keep reading
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