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Take advantage of these tested tools that will make your life easier. Let us know in the forums what you try and what you've learned.

Working With Social Media
I've been using Hootsuite for a while now to manage my Twitter accts. I've always been happy with Hootsuite. But, I like it even more since Hootsuite made some changes to their service. . . . keep reading
Power Point Alternative. Check out this alternative to Power Point slides. . . . keep reading
Handling Media
Media - Here's a cool tool... Audacity - a free tool from Source Forge - . . . keep reading
Tools For The Computer
Check out this new application I found... . . . keep reading
Tools For The Telephone
Fast easy way to find a business. Learn how to use this free service and you will impress not only your clients but . . . keep reading
Software Recommendations
Simpo PDF Creator works as a virtual printer in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Windows application. It is a powerful PDF writer, which could help you ea . . . keep reading