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Sample Articles from this site

Here are a few sample articles to give you an idea of the kinds of things you'll find in the Subscribers Area of this site.

These articles are reprinted as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

A Virtual Assistant is NOT An Employee!
By: Tracy Collins
Recently I have been noticing several people who are looking for virtual assistants asking for information as if they were hiring an employee. Such as resumes, required times, date they . . . keep reading
Interview With a Virtual Assistant
Raquel Kelly
Hello everybody! Join me in my c . . . keep reading
15 Minutes A Day - Social Media Program For Small Business Owners
Peter Erich
Got 15 minutes to help your business grow? No matter how busy we are in our businesses, we all know that we have to devote some time to grow our network of customers and clients. It is that awful t . . . keep reading
Why be a VA?
Brian Trimmer
If you are like me, you are fairly new to this idea of creating supplemental income online.... My dilemma is this; I need to make a secondary income now! . . . keep reading
How Do You Find More Time in Your Day?
Jude L. Smiley
During my 15 years in business and my 10 years of consulting with entrepreneurs and business owners, I have had countless discussions about time management and the goal of increased efficiency. Throug . . . keep reading
My "Something More" Journey
by Elaine Barnett
How many of us have dreams of wanting a better life and not knowing how to get there? I've heard it said if there's a longing in your heart for something more... there IS more, and that's why it's THERE! And that's why I'm HERE! I want to encourage you if you are feeling the need for a change, but you just don't know how to move forward. And I thought it might help if you could hear a little bit about where I am in that process. . . . keep reading
What's In Your "5"?
Paul Castain
Revisit your goals and dreams and dedicate yourself to 5 daily actions towards the fruition of them. Challenge yourself to try different things, make note as to what is working, what isn't. Make it a study! . . . keep reading
The Benefits Of Being A Virtual Assistant And Working From Home
By Connie Sheppard
The best case scenario for bringing in extra income has truly been being a Virtual Assistant. I work from home, I choose my hours, I can alter my hours depending upon the need, I'm my own boss, I don't need a special wardrobe, and I'm not spending money on gas or lunches. What could be better? . . . keep reading
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