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Learn How to Use Social Media
To Market Your Business
With Our Basic Social Media Class
And Our Advanced Social Media Class
Taught By an Award-winning
Social Media Expert,
Jennifer Navarette!

Did you know that you can do way more with social media sites than just collect friends and followers?

Some of those crazy new sites have huge potential for generating large amounts of traffic quickly that you can direct to any Web page, blog or auction.

What is a "Social Media Site"?

Social media uses the "wisdom of crowds" to connect information in a collaborative manner. Primarily, social media depends on interactions between people using technology as a conduit.

In other words, just like in the real world, marketing is all about communication and relationships.

What Social Networking Is Not:

Social networking sites are not typically multi-level marketing vehicles. The term "networking" refers to a site's ability to connect groups and individuals with others. It does not involve "network marketing" per se.

Who is Using Social Media in the "Real World" and How?

In the world of big business, Dell and Microsoft both use social sites to connect with their customer base. Southwest Airlines has a paid staff member who manages a very active Twitter account.

Non-Profits such as Frozen Pea Fund use it to spread the word and raise money for Breast Cancer awareness.

Then there are groups such as NaPodPoMo that use the viral aspect of social networks to get up and running overnight.

And there are small businesses such as MyLabelNet that use it to reach new customers.

Can I Use It for My Business?

Absolutely! All businesses need raving fans. Consider it another great way to cement existing relationships and to find new prospects and clients. The personal touch never goes out of style!

Plus, the more places you can advertise your business, ministry or project online, the greater the chance of potential clients finding you.

How Do I Do Social Networking?

There are so many Social Networks, figuring out what you need can be overwhelming.

  1. Figure out which networks will work best for you. It is important to understand the type of users that are currently in an existing network. In this case, lurking a bit is okay.

  2. Start slowly. Just like building your business, it will take time to become acclimated to a particular network. Understanding the rules of each group is important.

  3. Once you learn the ways of one network, go on to learn how to link them together so maximize efficiency.

Learn the Short Cuts from an Experienced Mentor
To Save Time and Increase Productivity

Because there are so many new social media sites on the Web now, it's hard to figure out where to start and how to use each one to maximize your effort, time and money when including social networking in your business plan.
<center><b>Jennifer Navarrete</b></center>
Jennifer Navarrete

That's why I have invited one of my long-time home school mom friends who has become a social media expert to offer her expertise. Her name is Jennifer Navarrete.

Because she is an active member of the Social Networking Community, I've asked her to teach a class so you can learn how to drive traffic to your sites, blogs and auctions and get the jump on your competition!

Why Jennifer if Qualified to Teach This Class:
  • Voted 1 of 25 Top Social Media Experts in Texas in 2010
  • She's been an entrepreneur since 2001
  • Organizer of San Antonio Podcast & New Media Group since 2005
  • Lead Organizer of PodCamp San Antonio, May 2007 and May 2008
  • Creator of National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo), Nov. 2007
  • Lead Organizer of Startup Weekend in San Antonio, May 2008
  • Lead Organizer of Barcamp in San Antonio, September 2008

"Jennifer is one of the most professional, motivated, and fun business owners I know. She works in opportunities to talk about and grow her business in the most interesting ways. She's intelligent, driven, and provides a high quality product. I have no problems endorsing her or her products!"

Christina Friend Mullins
Service Center Coordinator
Accenture HR Services

"Jennifer is a detail oriented organizer who can effectively delegate duties. She has a can-do attitude that inspires others to try harder.

"Jennifer is an effective team leader who infects others with a desire to win."

Shaine Mata
PodCamp San Antonio

What This Social Networking Class Covers

Here's the Class Schedule & Topics:

Week 1: Twitter and the Dos and Don'ts of Social Networking
Week 2: Six Degrees of Separation: Why Facebook should be part of your business building network
Week 3: LinkedIn: Social Media for Professional Business People
Week 4: Audio/Podcasting How to Podcast Your Way to Business Success
Week 5: Video - Using Live Streaming Video to Promote Your Business
Week 6: Management Skills and Using Event Sites

Classes are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want. You also have access to the virtual videos forever!

The Social Networking Sites Covered in This Class Are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • U-Stream

I Gotta Take This Class!

Requirements to Take the Class

Since this is a web class, you can participate through your computer without tying up your land line.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Email account
  • Desire to learn

I'm In! I Want to Register Now!

What Is the Investment In This Education?

Good question! If you have a blog or a Website, you're in the minority of the general population. And if you know how to drive traffic and convert that traffic into sales or action steps, that's even more rare.

However, most people on the Internet just surf, research and read. Most have no clue how much money you can make from having a good Web presence.

You can even get paid very well to be a Social Media Consultant! That job description doesn't even exist in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, yet Jennifer has gotten paid for doing just that for years.

Jennifer understands the importance of web presence. She has been to our annual home business conference; she has studied Internet marketing with the best. And she has weeded through the fluff sites to find those that offer real value to anyone who wants to learn to use the Internet to better their life as well as the lives of others.

To find an expert in this area was quite a difficult task for me. I've been looking for years. So when I discovered that one of my very own Best Friends, Jennifer Navarrete, was not only knowledgeable but also an expert famous among Texans, I couldn't wait to put this class together.

You are getting the benefit of her spending literally years testing sites to find what works and what doesn't.

The cost of this class could easily be $997 or $797 because of the value it will bring to your business once you start implementing just a few of the tactics and tools Jennifer shares with you.

But to Make It Affordable for Families,
You Can Register For Our Basic Social Media Class Today
For Just


But Wait! There's More!

Take Two Classes for the Price of One!

Jennifer recently taught an Advanced Social Media Class where she taught her students how to GET PAID to serve businesses of all kinds as a Social Media Expert.

Because it was such a success, we're offering that Advanced Social Media Class (via video) so you can learn both aspects of social media at once. You can learn the basics of how it works, PLUS you can learn how to get paid using social media.

Lots of people play around with social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but hardly anybody knows how to GET PAID as a Social Media Expert!

Talk about dominating an industry! The industry is just being born! Most people aren't even aware it exists yet, however, entrepreneurs like Jennifer have already figured out how to monetize it. (Yes, that is a word.)

In her Advanced Social Media Class, she covered the same sites but from a different perspective.

In the Basic Class, you will learn how the sites work, you set up an account and you get started promoting your online presence.

In her Advanced Class, you will learn how to use the sites to drive traffic and how business uses the sites everyday in a professional way, not just for personal use.

The sessions were recorded and as soon as you register for both classes - the Basic and Advanced Class - you will get the link to the video recordings. That means you can start learning the little-known secrets of Social Media today!

Students in her Advanced Social Media Class paid $697 to learn how to become a Social Media Expert.

Because We Want You to Have the Advantage of
Learning to Be an Expert While
You Have Live Access to Jennifer,
You Can Take Both Virtual Classes for
Just $497
And Save $500!

Yes! I want to take these classes!

Grab Your Seat Today!

Money Back GuaranteeNo-Hassle
Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be satisfied with our Marketing with Social Networking Sites Class, and I know you will be, so...

Register Today

And if after participating in all the classes, you are not thoroughly convinced that this course is worth your investment, just let me know at the end of the last class, and your refund request will be honored! Simply email us and verify that you watched every single session. We will refund your registration, take your off our mailing list and you will never hear from us again.

If you or anyone in your home is interested in learning how to use social media to increase traffic to your Websites, blogs or auctions, don't miss this class!

You'll be sorry you did! Web technology is changing so fast these days, there's no way you can keep up with everything.

Be on the cutting edge in your business or ministry by knowing what you can do to improve your Web presence with social media. Jennifer Navarrete will take you by the hand and show you how!

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6-Session Advanced Social Media Class

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  • I understand that I will learn specific techniques as listed in the class website, and neither you nor anyone else have made any income promises as my income is dependent on my own efforts.
  • I understand that if after taking all the classes, I do not feel that I the training was worth my investment, my full enrollment fee will be refunded, provided that I have participated in all the classes.
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