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Get All the Support You Need
To Help Businesses of All Kinds
And Grow Your Own
Virtual Assistant Business
Right Here!

Now that business no longer depends on
<CENTER><strong>Rhea Perry</strong></b>
Rhea Perry

geographic location because of the Internet, there is a serious need for people who are trustworthy, skilled, and efficient to serve businesses of all kinds as Virtual Assistants.

Commonly known as a "VA," a Virtual Assistant is a person who manages many of the day-to-day details of a business, much like an office manager does, only he or she works virtually from a remote location.

Because there is an exploding demand for virtual assistants to help not only small business owners but large corporations as well, VAs need continual training and encouragement to stay on the cutting edge with Internet education.
This online community is designed to be all you need for support and education to work from home as a Virtual Assistant.

It is hosted by my VA, Denise Lindvall, who is available to help you learn even more about how to be an effective Virtual Assistant.
<CENTER><strong>Denise Lindvall</strong></b>
Denise Lindvall

Here you'll find classes of all kinds, a support staff to help you with the tough problems, and a thriving community of active VAs who share their experience, tips and tools with you every day in our 24/7 online forum.

So if you are an organizer and are looking for the perfect home business, join our community today and learn how you can start working from home as a Virtual Assistant!

For a limited time, you can join our online Virtual Assistant Community as a CHARTER MEMBER for just $14.97/month. (The first month is ONLY $1.) But hurry! This special membership will only be available in 2009.

Once our Charter Membership Offer ends, the monthly membership fee will increase but our Charter Members will be locked in at the low monthly fee of just $14.97 forever!

Join Our Community Today!

Learn How to Become a Virtual Assistant
And How to Expand Your Skills and Your Business
For the First Month
For Just $1.00!

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