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My "Something More" Journey
by Elaine Barnett

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. " Milton Berle

How many of us have dreams of wanting a better life and not knowing how to get there?  A show of hands please? Okay, that's EVERYONE! I've heard it said if there's a longing in your heart for something more... there IS more, and that's why it's THERE!  And that's why I'm HERE!

I want to encourage you if you are feeling the need for a change, but you just don't know how to move forward. And I thought it might help if you could hear a little bit about where I am in that process. Being an organizer at heart, I made a list of where I am in that journey! (Yes, I know all the VAs reading this are laughing right now!! We live by those lists!)

Highlights From My "Something More" Journey: 

1. Worked for several small (offline) businesses and liked what I saw.

2. Dreamt of having my own, but not knowing what I would do!

3. Found out writing is talking on paper...BINGO!!! Just like Paula Deen, of The Food Network, I would rather talk than eat. (And trust me, I love food!)

4. Began blog, a.k.a. my "soapbox".

5. Amassed loyal following of me, myself, and the family cat!

6. Continued being faithful blogger.

7. Saw opportunity to take Denise Lindvall's VA Class-amazed to find out people will pay you to help them with their businesses from the convenience of home!

8. Took VA class, learned tons, did apprenticeship.

9. Got hired by client to do the 3 R's- READING, WRITING, and RESEARCHING! (NO arithmetic for me, thank you very much. (What, you didn't expect a writer to include ARITHMETIC in her list now, DID YOU?)

10. Currently working on learning more about the art of writing, using what I already know, and committed to growing in that arena!

As I've reflected over the lessons learned along the way, here are a few that I believe will get you motivated to get going!

  • People are willing to pay you to do what you ALREADY know how to do! Yesterday the best selling author, Pat Conrad, was here in Birmingham. (He wrote the book, "Prince of Tides", which became a Barbara Streisand movie!) The interviewer (and I!) were surprised to hear Mr. Conrad writes novels via a legal pad, because he never learned how to type! For a writer to not know how to type is shocking! But then again, so is the fact that several of the most celebrated millionaires of our time barely know how to send an email! Without the assistants, no matter how brilliant, they could not do, what they do! So you see, YOU are needed!
  • I know for me, learning how to use the computer was such a challenge. Did I mention the fact, I didn't even OWN a computer when I was taking a class to learn it at a nearby local college? It seems with every worthwhile endeavor, there is a basic skill set you must learn in order to accomplish the task at hand.
  • If it feels like you are having to learn how to do EVERYTHING all at once, it's probably because... YOU ARE!
  • But the good news is if you will hold on and not BREAK DOWN, you will get a BREAKTHROUGH!   I will never forget how excited and proud I was when I sent my first email! REALLY! What topped that was the day I was able to teach my dad how to use email, which opened up a whole new world to him!! Whoo-hoo!

THAT must be what Denise feels like when she teaches others how to be a virtual assistant! And today THAT continues to happen every time I can use my skills to help someone, so they can accomplish their "something more"!

If you start where you are, and devote yourself to learning as much as you can about your interests and passions, I bet you'll be surprised at what will happen! The reason I took the Virtual Assistants class, was to be able to learn some skills that would provide a living for me, while working on my writing. And look where I ended up! My question is for you- WHERE could YOU end up?

"Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now."
Jonatan Mårtensson

I couldn't have said it better myself, although I wish I had thought of it first!  Wishing you the best of everything! Now go build some doors! Writing to Encourage YOU!