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Top 10 Tips on How to Stay Positive When the Things are Negative
by Danny Gamanche

Having and maintaining a positive attitude is vital for success in
life and business. Zig Ziglar gets it right when he says, "It is your
attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude."

Sure you need skills, but you can learn skills -- in fact a positive
attitude will make it much more likely that you will learn the skills
necessary to succeed. If you take two people with an equal skill set
the person with the better attitude will win.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to stay positive and keep a good
attitude. As things go wrong throughout your day, it is easy to let
negative thoughts start to take over. Thankfully there are many things
that you can do to help maintain a positive attitude. These are things
that you can do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to make sure you
keep your positive focus.

1. Read Positive and Inspiring Books
One of the best ways to maintain a positive attitude is by reading
positive books. These books serve to encourage you, inspire you, and
teach you. Reading requires that you sit still and focus, and by
focusing on something positive it helps you to keep a positive mindset
throughout the day.

2. Listen to Podcasts/CDs/mp3s
The advantage of listening to podcasts, mp3s or CDs on the go. You can
listen to motivating podcasts while you clean your house, exercise, or
on a flight. In your car, you can play encouraging compact disks that
help you make better use of your commute. Listening to recordings from
people like Zig Ziglar or John Maxwell can both teach and inspire you.

3. Wake up Early
One of the best ways to help you maintain a positive attitude is to
create the habit of waking up early. Waking up early allows you to get
a head start on the day. You can prepare for work and start your day
without feeling rushed. You can get a head start on important projects
before the rest of the world is awake to interrupt you.

4. Exercise
Very few things in life leverage your time as much as exercise.
Obviously it makes a difference for your physical health, but it also
has significant benefits to your mental health. Exercise is useful to
combat depression and to improve overall positive mood. Further, if
you exercise early in the morning you can go through your day knowing
that you have already completed the most valuable activity you had to

5. Plan Your Week and Day
Having a clear plan to your day and to your week can go a long way to
helping you maintain a positive attitude. By knowing what you want to
accomplish you will be able to focus on your important life
priorities. A weekly plan allows you to match your long-term goals to
your weekly accomplishments. Your daily plan allows you complete the
activities you need to do so that you meet your weekly goals.

6. Understand that Things Won't Always Go as Planned
If you plan and expect everything in life will go as you planned, you
will be quickly disappointed. One of the keys to maintaining a
positive attitude is to understand that things will go wrong. If you
expect things to go wrong, you won't be phased when they do. So have a
plan, but understand that things won't follow the plan. The plan
allows you to adapt to what went wrong and move back towards what is

7. St. John's Wort and Griffonia Seed
These two herbal supplements can have an important role to play in
helping you maintain a positive attitude. Many people know about St.
John's Wort as a natural supplement to help prevent or treat
depression. St. John's Wort is really a mood stabilizer. Griffonia
seed works to elevate positive mood. Together they are helpful in
maintaining a positive mental attitude.

8. Get Spiritually Connected
Naturally this one will look different for everyone, and this is
simply an option to consider. If you are spiritually connected, you
will have a positive outlook on life.

9. Be Thankful
Take some time and be thankful. Be thankful about what you have, who
you are, and what your life is like. Think through all of the things
that you can be thankful for. Even if you are in a tough time in life
there are many things you have that you can be thankful for. You need
to look for them and recognize them. The very act of focusing on what
you are thankful for will help you maintain your positive attitude.

10. Surround Yourself with Positive People
The people around you have a big impact on you. They impact who you
are, how much money you will make, and what you value. They also
impact how you think. If you surround yourself with negative people
you will be negative as well. You can't help it. Hearing negativity
all day leads you to negativity. The opposite is also true. Surround
yourself with positive people and you will be more positive.

Author: Danny Gamanche
Danny is a business professor at a private college where he equips
students for careers in business and success in all areas of life. You
can catch him at his blog, Success Professor.

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