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Our 8-Week Real Estate Virtual Assistant Course,
Taught by a Successful Real Estate Investor,
Will Train You to Reduce the Overhead of
Real Estate Investors and Agents

List Price $1,997.00
Our Price $497.00
You Save $1,500.00 75%
Member Price $397.00


Real estate investing always has been and always will be popular and profitable.

So both investors and agents are learning to employ Real Estate Virtual
Assistants to manage the details of their business.

Yet finding trained VAs is often a hard task because the concept is fairly new
in that field andthere's not that much training available.

So I've asked one of my Best Real Estate Investor Friends, Alan Brymer, to
teach a class to meet the specific needs of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Alan Brymer recently hosted an 8-week class via Webinars and conference calls to train Real Estate Virtual Assistants for us.

He spent 8 weeks teaching the class all the practical aspects of real estate that you need to know to assist investors and agents with their daily needs.

Each class lasted at least 1 hour and we recorded the whole thing.

Now you can have instant access to all 8 classes when you register for our Real Estate Virtual Assistant class.

Here are the broad topics included in our top notch course with Alan Brymer:

  • How to Earn a Steady Income as a Real Estate Investor
  • Where to Find Investors to Work For
  • Getting Hired
  • Crash Course in Real Estate Investing
  • Organization and Time Management TipsClass
  • Generating Leads, Making Offers, and ClosingClass
  • Selling Properties
  • Everything In Between Buying and Selling

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income from home and want to do something significant that will make a difference in your life and your client's life, consider becoming a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

You'll be surprised how the flexibility and the added income will enhance your life!

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